frequently asked questions

• All your soap  look the same.
Since the soaps are handmade in small batches, their design, color, and size can vary. What will remain will be the ingredients used.

• What is the reason your products are not always available?
Some of our models are not always available because cold press soap has a curing time of several weeks.

• Can I order soaps in small sizes for my event?
Of course, we have a complete line of soaps for your event.

• How many weeks in advance should I place a special order?
If you are ordering soaps for your event or want a custom order (size, materials, or colors), you must do so within a minimum of six weeks. Contact us at

• Can I put my company logo on the soaps?
Yes, the order must be placed with a minimum of eight weeks. This type of order has a minimum of 50 soaps

• Where are your products manufactured?
They are manufactured in Orlando, Florida

• Can you hand deliver your products to a hotel in Orlando?
For local orders you can visit they have some gift boxes and baskets with our products.
The other way to receive your products is by regular mail. We do not have the pickup option available

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